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Four Advantages of Hardwood Flooring You Need To Know

When renovating or building a home, flooring choices can leave you feeling overwhelmed: carpet, vinyl, linoleum, tile, laminate, stone, and hardwood flooring plus all the variations within each kind. We have an obvious preference at Perivale Floor Sanding. However, beyond the simple fact that they look great, we are aware there are lots of benefits of hardwood flooring.

  • Hardwood floors will literally last a lifetime.
  • They are natural--and, as explained below, more environmentally friendly than rumour might have you believe.
  • Dirt and allergens have nowhere to hide.
  • The vast array of colors, textures and styles produce wood quite versatile.

Finally, your selection will be guided by funding, needs, lifestyle and your own preferences. Take a few minutes to consider some of the key benefits hardwood has to offer.


Hardwood flooring look great, and we're not the only people who think so. A survey of U.S. realtors from the National Wood Flooring Association found over 80 percent agree that houses with hardwood floors sell faster--and for more money. If it comes to making smart investments in your house, hardwood floors is high on the list. However, what about laminate flooring? Durable, cheaper and using a near-wood appearance, laminate is just another popular flooring choice. But, it falls short when compared.

  • Shorter lifespan: A research from the National Association of Home Builders discovered laminate floors have an average lifespan of 15-25 decades, not the 50-100 years that they state you can anticipate from hardwood.
  • More noise: Typically more difficult than hardwood, laminate flooring can really bounce sound around an area. This may be decreased using an acoustic underlay, but you will likely still get a hollow sound when you walk on it.
  • Less versatility: Laminate looks like wood because it's a wood-like image printed onto the substance; if you desire a different look, you need to start over. Hardwood floors, however, can be refinished and even recoloured.
  • It's still not hardwood: When you install laminate over hardwood, you will understand it--and so will others, like prospective homebuyers. Despite the aesthetics, the feel and texture will reveal that it's not the real thing.

Some people feel hardwood floors aren't environmentally friendly, but we disagree. In North America, forest management is sustainable; Chisholm Lumber, among our timber suppliers, has been reaping the same property since 1857. Our dedication to local production also helps keep our environmental footprint to a minimum. In contrast, the environmental impact caused by shipping items from abroad is tremendous. Bamboo, for example, has a reputation for being environmentally friendly: it is a grass that grows quickly, making it a sustainable source. But, bamboo flooring is normally sent from China, and much of the bamboo has been grown on land which was deforested to make room--something that has a significant impact even prior to herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides have been added to the equation. 


Old carpeting"can be pretty gross," your flooring options, rugs will be the worst for hiding dust, dirt
and germs; you can scrub and vacuum cleaner the most visible surface, but once that grime has shrunk in--particularly cluttered wet spills--you are stuck with it. Consequently, carpet gets the shortest lifespan of all flooring types; the National Association of Home Builders estimates only 8-10 years. For individuals with allergies, hardwood is one of the greatest options. Other flooring kinds, like vinyl and tile, are also excellent choices but need tiles that may themselves contain allergens. 


As long as you wash any wet spills straight away and give it an occasional dusting, it will not take much maintenance to keep hardwood floors looking great. Our 10-coat titanium finish is under warranty for 40 years--more than the lifespan of a number of other flooring types. Wood is a natural product and it's vulnerable to dents and scrapes from regular usage. Choosing the ideal hardness, color and finish for your requirements, however, lessens the risk of harm and helps minimize marks. 


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