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Wooden flooring seems amazing and we've got a vast selection of various types here in Just Wood that may work in any home. But many men and women are reluctant and nervous about investing in wood flooring as they're afraid it takes a great deal of effort and time to clean. But really the complete opposite is true. Quality hardwood flooring is actually easier to clean and maintain carpet. You simply need to follow a few straightforward rules. Sweeping Cosmetic Flooring The best and easiest way to give hardwood flooring a clean would be to sweep them. Unlike carpets wooden floors don't hold hair and dust so it is simple to remove them with only the sweep of a broom. Be sure you use a soft palate as ones with harder bristles may damage the ground. When there is tougher dirt that won't come out then give it a light sweep first then work it out with a mop. Vacuuming Wooden Floors Though we recommend using a broom, for those who do not have one or don't want to use